Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Dear Diaries...

I have some blogs--including this one--that I treat like diaries.  That is, they're used for recording everyday kinds of stuff.  Here are three of them.

AinsleyJo1952 -- Started On My 58th Birthday is the only one of the three where you have to have a paid subscription in order to read more than a few words of it.

Not to worry, though!  If you do take out a subscription, you can quit if you're disappointed in the site--and there's plenty more to read there besides my words.

In fact, you can bring in some pretty decent money writing and otherwise interacting there and/or bringing in new subscribers.

I'd love to have you checking out this blog--especially, using this link to it so that I would get credit should you decide to subscribe (Rest assured that it doesn't automatically subscribe you)--but I know that money is tight these days.

Anyway, the next two are free for the reading.

Begun On Birch Bayh's 81st. Birthday isn't a political blog (though I might mention something political from time to time).  I just thought that this would be a catchy title for it, since it was the 81st birthday of our former U.S. Senator (not to mention the dad of another longtime U.S. Senator).  It's just another blog where I talk about what's on my mind in the way of current affairs.

My Helping Hand Journal is the blog that's my personal take on Invisible Youth Network and its goals, activities, etc.

Here's hoping that you'll find what I write in these diaries--along with the diary that is part of this blog--to provide enjoyable reads.