Friday, December 31, 2010

A Journey Into Another Year


Our tradition began back in the early 1980s when The Soldiers & Sailors Monument down in Indianapolis was due to have some repairs done on it that would last at least a year.  This meant that 1983 (I believe that was the year) would be the last time when there would be another Christmas tree made out of a combination of this tall structure and some strings of lights for at least one Christmas.

This was also the year when other things kept us from making it down to Indianapolis to look at the lights until New Year's Eve.

And so we (my folks and I) went that year to drive around Indianapolis after we had driven around Anderson and Pendleton.  

This would bring about leaving home in one year and returning in another.

Unless health and/or weather kept us from it, we've kept this tradition all of these years--except it's just my mom and me now.  Sometimes, we would take along an extra person or two, but it was mostly just a kind of immediate family tradition.

The weather is cooperating this year, and, so, we'll, once more, be making our journey into a brand new year.

We don't always go to the same places, but it's always the same tradition.

A very nice, thoughtful, and loving way to approach a brand new and clean slate.

Although we bring to it our memories (both happy and sad) of years past and our hopes for the future of the upcoming year, itself, and years to come, 2011 is a virgin at this time awaiting us to make love to it and bring out its best, with the help of God and others!

We need to be preparing to take our journey soon, so this message will be short with lots of love, prayers, and positive thoughts sent your way for January 1 and beyond...