Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Multi-Purpose Move

Pinky and Bud will be here a little later to help me to rearrange my living room into something more manageable.

Had Plan A taken place (my sunroom in place my now), things would have been a whole lot easier, as I could have designated it a sorting room (not to mention moving out the furniture that I'd planned on moving into it on a permanent basis).

However, a combination of finances, weather, and scheduling prevented Plan A from taking place (on back-burner until spring), so I have no sunroom.

Therefore, Plan B is now in place.

Plan B is to manage to transfer things from one room to another.

The end result of Plan B:  
The organization of my living space into actual living space and sorting space where (when complete) never the twain shall meet.

The downside of Plan B as opposed to Plan A:  
Having less space in which to work.

Enter:  The Multi-Purpose Move

Move, in this case, is used both as a figure of speech and the literal act of moving.

Here's the game plan...

In a matter of minutes, I'm going to be moving some things out of the way of other things.  This is so that I can move what needs to be moved to other areas.

When I start to do this, there will be a kind of trade-off.

For one thing, I'm moving this table holding a small stereo that is now in my kitchen into the living room.

Of course, it will need to be placed in another part of the kitchen until the living room is ready for its entrance.

The spot where this table now is will be freed up to hold things that I'm temporarily removing from the living room.

When finished, I won't be able to get to my microwave for a little while until the hope chest gets moved into the living room, so I'd probably better fix some rice pronto.

Going to do that now, so brb...

I have now returned--for a little while, anyway...

Before getting too far into Plan B, I'll have bags/boxes/other containers of things needing sorted going over to the door separating my home office from the rest of the south side of my house--which means that I won't be able to get to my computer until the various containers have been moved into the sorting space that I'm creating on the southwest side of my very large living room.

Since I do want to be able to have access to my computer once more, this will give me extra motivation not to procrastinate when it comes to getting this little show on the road.

The same is true when it comes to wanting to have access to my microwave along with my conventional stove and oven.

Anyway, my computer has been acting as if it needs a vacation, so I think it will be glad to be completely shut off for a few hours.

While I'm away from my computer, I hope that you'll be checking out AJville (which is here)and signing my new guestbook.  If any of the links you see in the right and left-hand margins catch your eye, feel free to click on them and see where they lead.  Also, please check out this blog-entry to find out more about what I've been up to lately--speaking of which, have you read my Christmas newsletter series lately?  As you can see from going here, I have plans to keep up this new online tradition for many years to come!

Other than inviting you to have a little creative fun with this cool interactive game (just reading some of the questions and answers is entertaining enough, even if you decide not to actively participate), I'm going to be signing off here and will soon be taking a mini-vacation from Cyberspace for at least the next few hours.

Will catch you when I get back...