Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thoughts On Crime

Just a little bit ago, I read this news story online and wrote the response to it that is listed below.  Unfortunately, it exceed the character count that would allow it to get published, but that's no problem, as this is what blogs are for!  Notice that I've mentioned an attorney in it by the name of Stuart V. Goldberg, because I very strongly believe that he really has a clue when it comes to criminal justice and would definitely call for an alternative to the decisions being made concerning this 16 year old girl.

I think that a close examination of this story will show that the motivating factor is greed--and I'm not just talking about whatever greed this young lady had going on that led her to do something like this.

For starters, I'm betting that she has been--and, possibly, still is--on one of those so-called wonder drugs such as Ritalin.  Greedy Big Pharma has been promoting the screwing around with the brains of younger and younger children in an increasing way for at least the past three decades.

It's a miracle that MORE kids aren't out committing crimes with all of that cognitive brain damage going on due to widespread brain-poisoning.

It doesn't matter HOW long her rap-sheet is, she should never be tried as an adult for the simple reason that she ISN'T an adult.

If society spent as much time helping troubled kids as it does looking to punish them, juvenile crime would be W---A---Y down.

It's a feather in the cap of a D.A. to charge a child as an adult--a great investment for the future, whether the future is personally running for office or for endorsing another person who is.

Did I mention that prison is a for-profit business?  A lot of people benefit financially by having a prison around--and they benefit even more when it has to be enlarged in order to accommodate more inmates (especially, long-term inmates).

There are crimes that don't really need long prison terms, but long prison terms are given anyway.  There are also crimes that either can be better handled with alternatives to prison time or else shouldn't even be considered to be crimes.

So, we have a case of too many people who are either in prison for too long of a time or else shouldn't have ever been taken to prison in the first place.

I agree that there are people who need to be incarcerated somewhere because they're a danger to others if they're left to come and go as they please.

I also think that there are alternatives to prison that should be used when those alternatives are better solutions to making up for the crimes that have been committed (e.g. working off their debts).

However, as long as prison is profitable in a bigtime sort of way, the alternatives will seldom be explored.

Also, as long as there are people from various sectors profiting from damaging the brains of children under the guise of helping them, there will always be children whose cognitive skills are impaired to such a degree that it will be easy for them to get on the wrong side of the law.

I'm not an attorney.  I'm simply a writer with a B.A. in  English and a few months of post-graduate education.  However, I'd like for you to keep your eye on one amazing attorney from Chicago named Stuart V. Goldberg.

He's a defense attorney and has a very good head on his shoulders when it comes to the law.

The world would be a much better place when it came to crime if more people thought as he did.

Although I don't know whether or not he would totally agree with everything I've written down to the letter (though, again, he might), he and I seem to be on the same page in a lot of ways when it comes to criminal justice, so I would like to present him to you as somebody to check out if you really want to win the war on crime!!!