Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Am I Just Imagining Things? or Is It Actually Kinda Snowy Outside?

When Pinky and Bud came out on Sunday evening to pick up our garbage (put out for the garbage collector who comes early on Monday morning); do some light shopping for us (unable to do any other kind, as weather had made us unable to get out to take money out of the bank, so we had limited funds with which to shop); salt down the walkway leading out to my mom's car (which I'm now using until I can afford to get my minivan both serviced and updated on its license) so that I could get out to run errands on Monday (including going to the bank to get out some money along with re-arranging the amounts of money in my two accounts, which I used to be able to do over the phone but unable to do until I can bring it up to date); and bringing all of the mail down to me, I found a very pleasant surprise in the form of a check made out to my mom from REMC (utilities we use in Cunot--though we've had them turned off for a year, give or take, in order to save money).  It was in the very welcome amount of $277.

I told her about the check and that we could see if we'd be able to cash it at her bank the next day so that I could leave everything in my account to pay bills.  Repairs on my water softener made in December and billed for later this month would pretty well eat up that amount, but, at least, we had it so that it would be easier to pay this bill.  That is, I wouldn't have to take anything out of my bank accounts--and that was $77 more than I'd planned on taking out of my account, so that was very helpful.

We first went to KeyBank to cash the check.  Everybody is really nice there and came out to take our check and bring us the money.  We then went on to the drive-up service of Star Financial Bank (my bank, which is also a very pleasant place) to re-arrange the money from the last timber checks so that I would have enough in both accounts to do check billing and online billing.  Actually, between the two banks, we worked in a trip to Zinszer Cookies & Bakery to get a cookie of the month apiece.  January's featured cookie contains cranberries, white chocolate chips, and nuts.

The next stop was to PayLess Supermarket at Applewood Centre to pick up the items we needed but couldn't afford on Sunday.  Took everything to my mom's house where it was divided into what was hers and what would be transported to my place later that evening.

We ordered supper from Columbus Avenue Pizza and went to pick it up and take to the campus of Madison Park Church Of God for one of our climate-controlled picnics.  We had our usual personal chicken artichoke pizzas and lemonade, and I added a side salad for myself to that.  I would highly recommend them if you're wanting unique and delicious pizzas.

I'm glad that I grew up (and continue to live) just outside of Anderson, as it's a very wonderful community.  When we go to our regular haunts, we know that we're going to find helpful people providing service with a smile.  This isn't to say that we don't have our people who aren't living as they should, but, overall, the atmosphere is very positive, friendly, and helpful.

Before heading for home, we drove around a little bit more.

Whenever we're out-and-about, it seems as if we always go by Aunt Kate's house at least once.  It was in the same family for over 100 years, and Aunt Kate was the last link to that family to live there.  We had hoped that she would have remained there for many more years, but that wasn't to be.

Now, a brand new family is living there--including kids.  Perhaps, the representation of their family will also last for many decades.

Even though it just doesn't seem the same without Aunt Kate, it's still comforting to go by and see lights coming from the various windows at night and know that the legacy of this simple house and yard goes on.

Somehow, I have the feeling that I'm always going to think of it as Aunt Kate's house.

When we returned home, my mom went with me to take a couple of sacks of groceries in for me, after which we sat in the car and talked.  We looked at the lilac bushes (bare now but will be blooming in three months or so) and remembered how Pinky had helped us to cut some lilacs to go into a vase to welcome Aunt Kate home from the nursing home.  

She had gotten to live in her house again for a little over a month when she was taken to the hospital for what turned out to be a stomach ulcer and got an infection while there.  She ended up passing away on August 13--but not before putting up a good fight to recover.

It turned out to be a good thing that we'd gotten so many errands run, as I don't know when we'll be venturing out again.

Sometime Tuesday morning, it began to snow. . .and snow. . .and snow. . . and snow.  Although it seemed to be a good covering of it, I didn't realize just how significant of a snowfall it actually was until my mom told me that they were doing things like closing the schools early and other places as well.

Anyway, there's now this feeling of having days on end where we're not going to be able to get out--which means that I shouldn't be distracted from accomplishing a lot of things around here, including online projects and housework.  Not to mention getting lots of rest.  It's kinda like being on a vacation--albeit a working vacation at times (but I enjoy my work).

Some sad notes to report at this time are that a very special friend went through having his dad to pass away over the weekend, and I also found out that another friend has been told that his grandma is dying.

At least, my friends' dad and grandma were way up there in years (though that hasn't made it any easier for the ones left behind) instead of being nine years old like Christina-Taylor Green.

When I read this (an article talking about dreams of a future that can now only be speculated on--as in what could have been--due to a senseless shooting), a lot of songs played through my head.  They were songs that represented what had been, what could have been, and what it was like to have such joy in your life for such a short time.  Even the last song telling about a broken relationship has a haunting refrain that says it all re: the family and friends who were so blessed to know this little angel for a little bit over nine years.

This is my song list dedicated to Christina-Taylor Green, forever nine years old...

It's now Wednesday morning.  Yesterday, I wrote something about the shooter.  I don't yet know if it's true or not, but I suspect that, at some time in his life, he had been given Ritalin (or something similar) to help to "manage" him at school.

Even if this weren't the case with him, I DO know that this drug is nothing but trouble and never should have been given to children (or anybody else) in the first place.  There is something very much wrong with the picture when kids line up at the office of the school nurse to receive their daily doses of Ritalin just like my classmates and I used to line up in the school cafeteria each mid-morning to receive our little cartons of milk.

Don't even get me started on this one!!!

Here is something I wrote about him--and some of the problems in general our 21st Century society is having when it comes to getting along with others. 

 (to be continued...)