Monday, January 3, 2011

First Week Of 2011

Saturday was the first full day of 2011.  My mom and I experienced its arrival while parked in a beautiful spot listening to WFMS out of Indianapolis.  The weather was unusual for January 1 in Indiana.  Not only was it raining, but there was also occasional lightning and thunder.  It had gotten up to at least 60 degrees on the last day of the old year and wasn't much cooler at midnight, even though it would cool down later.  We were out-and-about until after three in the morning.  Due to all of the snow and ice, December 31 was the first day out of the house for me in weeks, and my mom hadn't been out that much, either.  Later, we watched The Parade Of Roses.  As usual, that was amazing, beautiful, cute, and empowering.  I drifted in and out of sleep while watching several wonderful Christmas movies on The Hallmark Channel.  Occasionally, I got online.  All in all, a very peaceful and mellow day.

Sunday also proved to be restful and mellow.  I continued to mostly stay in bed watching The Hallmark Channel with occasional trips in to get online.  One thing I've started doing here in 2011 is to take another cover-to-cover journey through The Bible.  This time around, I'm using a version called The Message.  Later in the evening, Pinky & Bud came out to help us with some shopping.  They also brought me a meal from Culver's (prime rib and mushroom melt sandwich served on sourdough toast and some chili cheese fries).  It's a good thing that I really like The Hallmark Channel, as it's the only choice I'll have until I'm able to relocate the remote control (which got buried under some clutter when Bud was out a few days ago to rearrange my living room (which is also serving as my bedroom),

Monday was the first non-holiday day of 2011--though for at least one place it was still a holiday:  Anderson City Utilities.  After getting money from Key Bank to put into my Star Financial Bank account, I went there to pay off a considerably-overdue bill (actually, one for each house) but found the drive-up window to be closed.  Fortunately, I had stamps with me, so I simply dropped both bills in the mail.  The latter I did later when I had my mom along, and we enjoyed a picnic lunch while parked at Madison Park Church Of God.  We spent the day getting some errands run and just being out on this beautiful day.  We'll probably stay in tomorrow to rest unless there's a reason to go out before Wednesday.  We're hoping to get some money from timber cut on the family homestead in Cunot.  The only thing we got in the mail today was one of these health insurance letters that tells us that it isn't a bill but, instead, just keeping count of what's paid for by whom AND a certain letter that would come under the heading of nuisance mail.  I'll say nothing more except to say that we're sick of hearing from this person.  He wore out his welcome with us ages ago!  In spite of this, Monday was a very nice day for us, and we were happy to hear that Mark & Barbara had a wonderful celebration of their 32nd wedding anniversary at Red Lobster.  Sadly, Lana (an online friend who is, also, a shirt-tail cousin) started out 2011 with a house fire.  It wasn't at her place but, instead, at her mother's, and her sister and mother suffered smoke inhalation.  They'll be fine, but their home is gone, and, on top of that, they lost several pets in the fire.  Please send prayers their way.

Tuesday was a stay-in-and-take-it-easy day.  Did a lot of sleeping and watching TV along with some getting online and on the phone in order to give my body the rest that it's been needing, as I was having the feeling that I was trying to come down with something--and, perhaps, had already come down with it.  My spirit seems to be far more energetic than my flesh.

Wednesday was a bonus sort of day!  We knew that we would be getting paid again for timber harvested, but we weren't sure just when.  We thought that we'd be lucky to get anything as soon as next week sometime.  What a surprise it was to find two checks in the mail today!  Perhaps, we can manage to get caught up yet!  We celebrated with chow from Zinszer Cookies & Bakery and Columbus Avenue Pizza.

Thursday was to have been a day of getting out to take care of some business matters.  However, it looked kinda dreary and chilly, so I wasn't too enthused about going out into it--which was a good thing, as it soon began to snow.    Monday seems to be the next possible day for getting out.  Ended up getting a lot of rest and, in other ways, taking it easy.

Friday was the last day of the first week of 2011.  While I think that I might be somewhat closer to relocating it, my remote control is still lost in the shuffle of trying to reorganize my home, so I've only been watching The Hallmark Channel--which is a great choice for viewing anyway.  I hadn't even gotten online until mid-morning.  My mom and I haven't been able to work subscribing to the local paper into our budget--that is, we had allowed our subscription to lapse over a year ago and hadn't gotten back into subscribing.  In short, I'd learned about strange mass-deaths of fish, birds, and other critters in various places around the world from a friend IMing me on Facebook.  A Google map put things into perspective several hours later by showing that this really wasn't something that was covering most of the planet but had just happened in a handful of places.  Scientists said that it was actually commonplace for several members of a flock of birds, school of fish, etc. to die within moments of each other.  However, what made this stand out was that it was happening in so many places to so many species at the same time.  I think that God might be trying to get our attention!!!

And so went the first week of 2011.

I wonder what the rest of the year will be like...