Monday, January 3, 2011

Goodbye 2010! -- Hello 2011!

December 31, 2010 arrived...

For weeks, I hadn't left home, due to the snow and ice underfoot that wouldn't get along well with either my right trick-knee or my lymphedema.  However, I was never bored with so much to do indoors and so much beauty to see out my windows.

Still, I knew that the time would be coming when I would have to get out and take care of business, even if that meant having snow and ice removed from the walkway leading out to some car (either my mom's or else Bud's, as my minivan has had the double-whammy of an expired license place and needing work done on it in order to get it running decently, and I could ill afford either one).
As it turned out, it had warmed up to over 60 degrees on the last day of 2010--which meant that it was ideal for the tradition my mom and I have of driving into another year.

We had hoped to have some money in the KeyBank account to transfer into the Star Financial Bank account so that I could be ready to pay bills.  As it turned out, this would have to wait until the following Monday.

For now, 2010 was truly coming to an end with the hope of a better year ahead in 2011.

It had been a challenging past two years, and one sad thing about 2011 was that Aunt Kate didn't make it through 2010, passing away on August 13.

There are people you might hate to let go of when they cross over, but you still feel as if it was the way that it was supposed to be.

Not so with Aunt Kate.

I'm left with the feeling that there were some things that could have been done differently so that she would have been in her own home this holiday season with her candles softly lighting up her enclosed front porch.
Hindsight, however, is 20/20.

We went out in the afternoon to take enough out of the bank to tide us over until we were able to get more the following Monday.  

After we got it, we decided to go across the bridge into North Anderson to eat the December cookie of the month for the last time, but we found Zinszer's to be already closed for the holiday weekend.

We drove on out to Nick's Donuts & Pizza in Edgewood where we ate an old-fashioned donut apiece and split what is sometimes called a bear claw and sometimes called an apple fritter.
We laughed about the first time that we had eaten one at around 4 a.m. while on our way to see Uncle Finley and Aunt Marce who were then living in San Francisco.  I believe that the little diner that served us was in Bishop.

This wasn't where the humor came in but, instead, some things that had happened before and afterwards that I've described in a piece of writing called Motels From Hell.

In time, we had a meal consisting of two individual-sized pizzas (chicken artichoke) and lemonade from Columbus Avenue Pizza.  We ate this picnic in the parking lot of Madison Park Church Of God.

We went home for a few hours, and I tied up some loose ends on the Internet before we started out again.  

We stopped at the Marathon convenience store out on Scatterfield Road to pick up two small picnics--one to be eaten in 2010 right away and the other to be eaten sometime after 2011 arrived.

Off and on, it did everything from sprinkle some to rain.  

By the time that we had parked in a beautiful spot to await the arrival of 2011, we could see lightning in the distance.  

Then, the lightning got closer, and we could occasionally hear the thunder while the rain came down in torrents.

This kind of weather isn't exactly commonplace for New Year's Eve into New Year's Day here in Central Indiana.

We sat and listened to WFMS (country station out of Indianapolis) and heard them announce the arrival of 2011.  

There was no countdown.  

A song just started playing in 2010 and finished playing in 2011, and the DJ wished everybody a happy 2011.

We sat and talked about the year ahead for a little while before breaking out the first picnic of the new year.  We ate the picnic and sat there some more listening to the music and talking about our hopes and dreams for the year ahead.

Then, we drove around some more before going hope, arriving sometime between three and four in the morning.

It was a wonderful way to begin another year...