Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday, Honest Abe!!!

Note:  If you haven't already, please read my previous entry, Lifeboat Stewardship.  The following is a copy of what I sent out as an e-mail right before posting it here...

From the desk of Ainsley Jo Phillips--shared on February 12, 2011...
In honor of one of our greatest Presidents, I've made up this special tribute to him in the form of an e-mail.  Notice that the theme of Abraham Lincoln (born 202 years ago today and assassinated 146 years ago this coming April 15) has been made a big part of this entire e-mail.  The only thing that actually isn't, in some way, spotlighting Honest Abe is the link (my hyperlinked name) to my website.  Even it will be graced with a copy of this e-mail before the evening is over.

My Question Of The Moment is one of which I'm sure that he would approve, if he were here.

Since he was a fun person, he would even like the little party game I've provided.

The name of the party game is Cheap Imitation Crystal Ball.

If you have some concerns about this being a game about the occult, let me reassure you that it isn't.

It's just something fun that brings out your creative juices as you ask and answer questions.

I love it!

This is also my birthday month for being a member of  As of February 27, I will have been there for nine years, thanks to my goddaughter, Michelle. 

You see, this was the time when Epinions was in the process of giving the site an extreme makeover, so a whole bunch of us who were Jones-ing to write migrated to such places as the now defunct Australian site called WrittenByMe.  Even after Epinions began to revive, we still stayed there along with returning to Epinions.  When WBM was showing signs of not being around for very long, Michelle invited me to join WDC, and the rest is history!

I think that Cheap Imitation Crystal Ball was about the very first In & Out I came across at WDC, and I totally fell in love with it!

Anyway, in order to be a spectator (not participate actively in the game), all you have to do is to click on the hyperlink of its name placed a few paragraphs back and read the responses.  However, if you want to be a spectator, you will need to be a member of WDC. 

Unless you want to have an upgraded account (several options from which to pick there), it's absolutely free.  You can participate in such things as In & Outs, several forums, etc. and you can have a limited amount of your own writing talents displayed in your portfolio.

Of course, if you join using the link I've provided, I'll be getting the credit for bringing you there.  At this time, that consists of perks like a higher number shown beside my name in my portfolio, etc.  I'm not even sure how many people I need to bring in to go towards raising that number.  All I know is that several things figure into raising it, and, when enough of them happen, my number gets bigger.  Just recently, it went from 99 to 100!

But raising my number really isn't the big thing when it comes to asking for your participation re: Cheap Imitation Crystal Ball.  It's still pretty busy, but nothing like when it was first created, and I'd love to see it get at least that busy again.  Sometimes, a couple of days--even more--go by before the next participant shows up.  That's just TOO slow, if you ask me!

Once you get settled in, I hope that you'll also invite your own friends to join as referred by you and encourage them to play around with the Cheap Imitation Crystal Ball.  There is no pyramid scheme at WDC so far as I know, so this won't feather my nest any, but it will certainly not only get more people playing around with this ball of fun but, also, more people being a part of WDC and all of its many wonderful things to do in the way of reading, writing, and other creative activities.

On February 27, I'm hoping to have a very special celebration of my 9th WDC Birthday and will be sharing it at AJville.  Will remind you when it's closer to the time.

For now, scroll on down and celebrate Honest Abe's 202nd Birthday with me!--and don't forget to attend the BALL!!!

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