Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ron "Jaguardog" Drain!!!

It just seems as if I'm no sooner finished with wishing Honest Abe a very happy birthday, it's time to pay tribute to yet another one of my favorite people.  Below, find the tribute to him that was originally in e-mail form and is now right here...

From the desk of Ainsley Jo Phillips--shared on February 13, 2011...
It seems as if I've known Ron forever, even though it's only been about 10 1/2 years since our paths first crossed at Epinions. 

We became even closer right around 10 years ago at a now defunct writing site out of Australia called WrittenByMe. 

At the time, I was the guest-of-honor at a flaming party that had begun in late December at Epinions and had managed to follow me over to WrittenByMe.

Ron was one of the people who had courageously stuck his neck out in my defense at the risk of losing his own popularity.  He didn't have to do this, but he did--and he really pulled all of the stops out when doing so!!!

Don't believe for even a minute that I'm going to stop being grateful for his kindness and support at a time when I needed it the most!!!

Over the years, Ron has also had his ups and downs, and I've tried to be there for him, though I'm not really sure how helpful I was in the scheme of things.

Back then on WBM, he was always creating these trivia quizzes about music and TV, and I always enjoyed seeing how many answers I could get right. He always was very encouraging, whether I aced his quizzes, barely got anything right, or had results somewhere in between those two possibilities.

He and I aren't as active at Epinions as we once were (though I'm hoping to change that soon), but we still have several items on display for your reading enjoyment.  I've written there several times over the past several years and here recently, but Ron hasn't contributed anything new in awhile.

Perhaps, this little tribute will give him an encouraging poke that will send him over there to write something new at least once every ten days.  We can only hope!

Anyway, if you know Ron and bump into him anywhere, be sure to join me in wishing him a happy birthday and a wonderful year ahead!
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