Friday, February 25, 2011

Let Me Take You Where The (Inter)Action Is!

Shortly after getting online a few mornings ago, I decided to make a snowflake for my friend, Chris, to show her how it was done.  Making these flakes is so much fun that I couldn't stop at one and ended up making three.  Here they are:   First         Second       Third      Check out all of the action I put into them!

After viewing the possibilities, don't you just want to make some of your own!?!

I'll let you in on a secret to get you started:  One sure-fire way to get a flake animated is to cut designs that take in previously-cut designs.  You also need to cut little pieces out one-at-a-time, and you can try doing this on different spots.  One thing to remember is that there's no such thing as making an uncorrectable booboo.  You can always go back and correct it--or else you can decide that it really isn't a booboo after all and just kinda go with the flow.

One of these times, I'm going to do an entire blog-entry about Popular Front Snowdays where I'll be introducing you to some of my fellow flakers, but not this time around.

This time, the theme of my blog-entry is interaction!

The way I became inspired to do this blog-entry was in hoping to get more people involved in adding to a favorite In & Out of mine called Cheap Imitation Crystal Ball.

Since anybody reading this who is not familiar with the idea of In & Outs and/or Cheap Imitation Crystal Ball is probably scratching his/her head right now and feeling a little puzzled, I think I'd better explain what they are.

An In & Out is a neat, interactive item found at  The item is set to display a set number of contributions at a time.  Probably, the busiest one of these is The Shameless Plug Page  where you can go to find a wide variety of reads (usually, of very high quality) being plugged by their authors and/or others who want to give these items a wider audience

Although you can't rate and/or review the items or contact their authors without becoming a member of, you can read any of them that haven't been limited to being read by members.

And why not become a member of WDC?  You even have a free option that will make you able to participate in most public interactive items and forums as well as rating and reviewing items and contacting their authors.  You can also even keep a small portfolio of your own works.  With upgrades, of course, you'll be able to have even more privileges and perks--not to mention a larger portfolio (usually, referred to as a port at WDC).

As I said, one thing that initially inspired this blog-entry was wanting to draw some attention (and, hopefully, more participation) to Cheap Imitation Crystal Ball.  When I joined WDC nine years ago on the 27th of this month, this was probably the very first In & Out to which I contributed.  Back then, it was much more active.  Now, it has slowed down to where even days might pass between signs of participation, and I think that's really too bad, because it's tons of fun, a great mixer, and really gets our creative juices flowing.

This isn't some kind of mysterious occult site.  It's simply a place where each participant must come up with some kind of answer to the previous question and then ask his/her own question to be answered by the next participant.

As with probably all In & Out games, the more participants the better.

Here are some other examples of neat In & Out games:

Money, Money, Money -- Contribute thoughts about money.  It's amazing what a variety of thoughts there are on this subject!  Each participant can have up to three thoughts showing at the same time.

Poetic Insanity -- The poem goes on and on and on. . .Just hop on and contribute, but never finish the final line of your contribution, because that's the next person's job!

Imagination Alphabet -- Contribute--and talk about--a word beginning with the letter of the alphabet that's being featured at the moment.

The last one was created by a very nice lady named Maryann Hicks who has her own website at WDC called Writings of Maryann.

Here are some other interactive things to do at WDC.

You can create amazing and amusing results of a Madlib like this one.

Besides that, you can add to stories, solve crossword puzzles, and a whole lot more!

One final note for now:

I'd like to invite you to join me at tagvillage where there's a lot of action and interaction going on that is not only fun but, also, has the potential to send you ROTFL all the way to the bank!!!

Remember that I'm also looking forward to seeing more activity going on with these In & Outs--especially, Cheap Imitation Crystal Ball--so here's hoping to see you around!!!