Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wishing You A Blessed Easter!!!
This Is My Final Blog-Entry Here
For The Rest Of April!
Same Goes For The Decor...
Will Be Back On May 1...
God Bless You!!!

Raccoons In My Basement!!!

Ben Franklin once said that a stitch in time saves nine--but what if you can't afford a needle and thread until nine (minimum) stitches are needed!?!

I'm well aware that the ceiling has fallen to the floor--piece-by-piece--on my enclosed front porch.  I'm further aware that I could really use a new door to said porch, as the bottom of the one there now has curled up like bacon in a hot skillet, leaving plenty of room for critters to enter.

Furthermore, I'm aware that the demise of the ceiling has left a place where critters can have easy access to my attic as well.

I know that the hole is big enough for a bird to get into, as it not only got in there but, also, made its way under the gap between the door and the floor going into my living room.  I had at least one bird as a regular guest--discovered the first time when I was sitting here in my home office and caught a glimpse of it flying around in my kitchen.

Since then, I've seen it flying around my living room on at least two other occasions--and saw how it got in and out through the gap under the inside door after getting in the hole at the bottom of my outside door.

Frequently, I hear critters running around the various ducts and inside my walls.

To top that all off, there's evidence that more than one raccoon likes to explore my basement and move things around a bit.

It just so happens that my water softener is in my basement, so the salt man goes in there monthly to maintain it.

Now, my basement door has no holes in it, and it has never been left even the least bit ajar without somebody being there, so this isn't where the raccoons gain access.

From the sounds I hear, I suspect that they get in through the hole that had once been covered by the ceiling of my enclosed front porch, make their way into the attic (climbing up there), and work their way through the walls and ducts to reach the basement.  To get out, they just do everything in reverse.

Anyway, it's not going to be much longer before my goddaughter and her crew will be making some overdue repairs, and all my little wild things will be staying outside where they belong!

Anyway, I had been hearing these strange sounds in my walls and ducts for ages before the salt man arrived one morning and couldn't get the door to open for him.  Thinking that it was stuck, he gave it a push and heard things falling inside of the basement.

When he got in there, he saw several boxes lying in a heap on the floor.

The entire basement looked as if a tornado had gone through it.

The salt man said that he saw a pawprint that looked as if it belonged to a raccoon.

Things had been moved about so much that he had to blaze a trail to the water softener.

Recently, I was lying in bed watching TV when I began to hear bumping sounds coming from the basement.  It was actually a combination of bumping and grinding sounds like furniture both being moved and knocked over.

This went on and on and on, and I could just imagine what kind of a mess those blasted raccoons were leaving in their wake!!!

I finally drifted off to sleep and woke up a few hours later.

When I talked to my mom, she asked me if the thunderstorm had kept me awake, and I asked her what thunderstorm she was talking about.  I said that, if there had been a thunderstorm, I must have slept right through it, and she told me that she didn't see how, as it seemed to be right over my place judging from where she saw the lightning, and that it was plenty loud where she was a hundred or so feet away.

I told her that I must have been in a very deep stage of sleep at the time that it went through.

All at once, I realized that I must have been in such a deep sleep that the thunder hadn't awakened me completely but that it had entered my dreams.

In other words, when I thought that I was awake and listening to the raccoons in my basement, I was actually sound asleep.  They were part of a dream, and the thunderstorm was providing the sound effects of things being moved around and falling here and there!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Popularity Contest For April!
Vote With Your Credits!

Things are really heating up over at tagvillage, and I'd love for you to join as referred by me.  It's absolutely free for the joining just like Facebook and various other social sites.

However, you can also (for a little as five dollars that you can pay through a favorite credit card, AlertPay, or PayPal) get in on tag trading, and I have some really neat ones that I've put into a kind of popularity contest (names of ten fantastic writers--including yours truly).

I mentioned this in the last blog-entry here at AJville, but I just decided a little earlier this morning to turn this into a popularity contest that rates us by the month.  Think I'll do this at least through the summer and will give a prize of some sort to each month's winner (I'll pick it out so that each winner will be--hopefully--pleasantly-surprised!).

Before we get to that, however, here's the link to go check it out (Go check it out!) with no obligation to join.

However, if you do join when using the aforementioned link, I'll be your upline and will keep you up with various things going on.

Don't worry!  There will be no pressure put on you to do anything else beyond just being one of The Village People. You can do as much or as little (even nothing) tag trading as you want to.

Somehow, I believe that at least some people reading this will also want to trade some tags at least once in awhile--or just buy a tag and try to keep it for yourself so that you can get paid whenever somebody clicks on an ad containing your tag(s) once we get set up here for having ads.

There are already contests going on where people are winning as much as $200 (could be more, but that's the one I've noticed) with half going to the winner and the other half going to whatever good cause (legitimate) the winner chooses.

Speaking of good causes, that's something else very special about tagvillage.  Ten percent of all profits made by this social site goes to various ones of the growing list of good causes listed at tagvillage!!!

tagvillage has a mission to help both good causes and members!!!

We're building this village very carefully from the ground up!  I wasn't here at the very beginning, but I arrived (thanks to my own upline, Leon Gillis) pretty early in the process (December 21, 2010 at 12:10 p.m., to be exact), and I've seen a whole lot of positive growth since then!

Anyway--without further ado--here are the contest details (which I've also posted at Village Talk under the Tags For Sale category.

Even if you don't join tagvillage (and I wish you would), you can still click on each hyperlinked name to find out more about the ten writers.  Hope you'll become fans of theirs and noise them around...

Have fun!!!

Popularity Contest For April! Vote With Your Credits!

 We ten are all writers. Check us out by clicking on our hyperlinked names. This is where we stand on the morning of Sunday, April 17, 2010.

Which one of us will be the most popular by the end of the month?

Vote with your credits. You can vote more than once or only once; for more than one of us or only one. Why, you can even vote for us everyday--any, some, or all of us!!! You can vote once daily, twice daily, or several times daily!!! You can vote only occasionally!!! Just VOTE!!! Please? Pretty please!?!

I will be voting, too--sometimes, for myself; sometime for one or more others; sometimes (as I'm able to afford to) for the whole bunch of us!!!

This should be fun! A new contest will begin in May...

27666 ainsley jo phillips 0.29 0.33

160867 annamarie dodge 0.17 0.20

160856 denise difalco 0.10 0.12

160741 joseph j. o'donnell 0.10 0.12

160576 michael rushnak 0.10 0.12

160598 peter r. breggin 0.10 0.12

160631 robert whitaker 0.17 0.20

160863 roger carr 0.29 0.33

160578 roger dean kiser 0.10 0.12

11686 stuart v. goldberg 0.10 0.12

Thanks for reading this!  Be sure to scroll on down the page to check out the decor.  I change parts of it fairly often to keep things fresh...

Monday, April 11, 2011

You're It

I'm just about to give you ten very good reasons to join me at tagvillage  You will find them listed below.

Yes!  That's right!  I've turned the names of the ten talented writers (including yours truly) listed here into tags to be traded and have made it easy to join in on the fun.

I've listed them twice in this blog-entry.

The first listing is a hyperlinked form.  You can click on each of the names and be taken to examples of what they have to offer.

The second listing gives their names in easy-to-copy-and-paste form.  This will come in handy for tag-trading.

The above hyperlink won't automatically draft you into joining this neat, new social site, but I have the feeling that at least some people reading this will go there and end up falling in love with it just as I have.

Likely, at least some people reading this will already be members of tagvillage, so I hope you like the trading opportunities I'm sharing here.

Even if you have no desire to become one of The Village People, I hope that you'll click on the names of these very special people and find out more re: what they're about.  You won't be disappointed!

From time to time, I'm going to be sharing more people here whom I've decided to turn into tagvillage tags.  Ditto to businesses and products.

Anyway, let's get on to the names now..

roger carr   

ainsley jo phillips

annamarie dodge

denise difalco

joseph j. o'donnell

michael rushnak

peter r. breggin

robert whitaker

roger carr

roger dean kiser

stuart v. goldberg

Have fun at tagvillage!!! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I Am
Hungry Bookworm

I have a lot of stuff on the back-burner in the way of sharing with you here--as in special blog-entries in various stages of construction--but, today, I wanted to draw your attention to a new button I have in my left-hand margin leading to a really neat place called Blogging For Books.

Earlier, I was over visiting the Facebook page of my very special angel friend, Denise Difalco-Dickson, and I discovered that she was a member Blogging For Books and was getting a really sweet deal there.

I decided that I wanted to be a part of it, too.  Now, this isn't an invitation by referral.  When you click on the button, you're on your own, and neither Denise nor I will get any credit for inviting you.  However, if you get accepted, it will leave you a very happy camper if you love to read and share what you read as much as Denise and I do.

You just--once accepted--choose a book that you believe you would like to read, and it will be sent to you absolutely free!!!  Your part of the bargain is to write a review that will appear in at least three places:

Your personal blog or website
The review section of a place that sells books online (e.g. Amazon)
and, of course,
On the Blogging For Books site, itself.

You don't have to write a glowing review of the book if you didn't like it or didn't think that it was all that special.

One thing you need to do each time that you review one of these complimentary books is to include somewhere in your review that you're reviewing a book sent to you compliments of Blogging For Books.

Anyway, it looks as if, every few weeks, you're going to be reading a review here of one of the books I get sent.  I can hardly wait for my first one to arrive!!!

Have you visited Denise's blog-format website called Miracles?  I think you'll really like it!  Here are a couple of other places to go to visit Denise:
Blogging For Books (of course)

Before I close, I would like to invite you to check out three book reviews that I've done for Amazon.

Although it's not a command performance, I hope that you will buy the books if they appeal to you as well as indicating (by clicking on the YES going with each one) that you found any, some, or all of the reviews to be helpful.

Here are the books and a place to click to lead to each one:

The One And Only by Stuart V. Goldberg  (Click Me, Please!)
Terminal Neglect by Michael Rushnak     (Click Me, Please!)
Woman On Death Row by Velma Barfield    (Click Me, Please!)

It's a beautiful April day here in my neck of the woods, so I'm going to be going out very soon to take it all in before returning tonight to continue with clutter control around here.  Perhaps, I just might find my remote control.  It would be nice, but it's a good thing that the TV is set to what is, likely, my very favorite channel (The Hallmark Channel)!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Woman Has The Right To Change Her Mind!

Today, I began a continuation of the running commentary from my previous blog-entry, but I ended up being too busy to say much, so I have put it on the back burner.

Tomorrow, I'm going to be out most of the day, and I've already set up a place for a blog-entry that will tell all about my day.

I'm going to be indoors from Monday night until sometime early Thursday.

Anyway, that's how I see things now, so be looking for the posting of a near-future blog telling how I spent Monday, April 4, followed by the sequel to the first running commentary.

That's all for now...

Actually, there IS one more thing: Look over AJville and see what all I've done to decorate it for April.

That's all she wrote...

Looks like
Sonny Bono
only taller

I began keeping a kind of scratch pad of collected thoughts.  Because I didn't get my thoughts all collected that I wanted to include in this presentation before I decided to go ahead and post it, I decided to do a sequel.  However, before getting around to starting the sequel, I had a little experience over at Facebook that I thought would have to stand alone when it came to reporting it, so that's what this entry is all about.

Just in case you haven't noticed, Facebook has been acting pretty goofy in various ways.  I mentioned as part of the aforementioned blog-entry that it had hopped around like a frog or toad and got my mouse to clicking on porn sites for men.  I had no idea that I had even opened them until I found them on my computer screen the next morning.

One of the other many pranks it's been pulling is truncating comments, repeating comments, and/or not even posting them in the first place.

All of this monkey business has something to do with all of the "improvements" that Facebook has made to its site.  I have found that many of those so-called improvements bear closer resemblance to a train-wreck than to improvements!

Anyway, I tried to leave a comment on the following picture that the guy in the picture looked like Sonny Bono only taller.

What I got instead was an original copy and two repeats of the first two words of my comment.

Are we having fun yet!?!

Anyway, I came up with a way to outfox the glitch monkeys.  I just left three comments of two words each, since the monkeys seemed to not be capable of counting past two at that time.

Here's what it looked like:

Looks like

Sonny Bono

only taller

Puh-leeze quit making all of those blasted improvements!!!  
I am not impressed!!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gathering My Thoughts Together...

Have decided to gather my thoughts together over the next several hours.  It's now Wednesday, March 30, at 11:40 a.m.

I'm getting sick and tired of some of Facebook's antics such as how it has been doing everything from truncating some of my posts to not letting me post them to bouncing so that my mouse will land on a link to some kind of commercial instead of where I had originally pointed it.  This morning, I woke up, came in here, and found at least one pornographic site in my line-up with one of them being in my open window.  No telling how long that blasted thing had been there.  Makes me wonder if my reputation is still intact.  At least, it was adults.  11:45 a.m.

It's now snowing outside.  I think that it's just blowing around in the air instead of sticking.  I was thinking that it was supposed to get up to 48 degrees today.  11:47 a.m.

It has turned out to be a snow day today--as in one more day to simply stay in.  Tomorrow will, hopefully, be a day to get out and do everything that I've been promising myself and others to get done that requires going out.  3:02 p.m.

I've just made up the cutest invitation to join tagvillage as referred by me.  Even though I've just made a link right here to get to the same place (by clicking on the hyperlinked name right here in this paragraph), I hope that you'll still check out my invitation, as I think it's very cute.  Click here to do this!  Anyway you decide to do this will be fine by me, as both links will, eventually, get you to the same amazing place.  The only difference is that the first link cuts to the chase while the second one takes you on a cute rinky-dink! 3:58 p.m.

I just love the Cheap Imitation Crystal Ball!  It brings out the creative juices in me! 4:13 p.m.

The snow seems to have stopped, but it's too late to think about going out, and it's good to stay in today anyway and try to play a little catch-up.  The mail has been piling up in our mailbox.  Tomorrow, we'll find out who has written to us between now and the last time we checked it--which I believe was Saturday.  It's hard to believe that it's almost April.  Hopefully, we will have enough warm and dry days that Michelle and her crew can start doing my renovations before all of the critters that are supposed to be outdoors decide to take over the indoors any more than they already have.  4:17 p.m.

Big tag hunt going on over at tagvillage now.  I think I'm warm.  However, I don't think that I'll be missing much if I get away from here for awhile and watch the last 20 minutes of Touched By An Angel.  10:40 p.m.

Found a really interesting item in my e-mail from Kim Smith and decided to adapt it to being placed as a blog-entry.  Click here to read it.  It's all very interesting, and there are several bits of trivia that will really get you to thinking. 5:30 a.m.

Here at 5:31 a.m., I'm letting you know that it's now March 31.

I see that Facebook is up to its stupid tricks again!  Next time the powers-that-be decide to improve the site, make sure that they end up with an improvement instead of a train-wreck!!! (This is the status I left at FB a few minutes ago after finding that parts of it had disappeared.)  April Fool's Day 5:30 a.m.

Isn't that interesting!?!  Twenty-four hours exactly passed between one post and another.  One more thing (in case you haven't already suspected) what's now going on over at Facebook isn't part of an April Fool joke.  It's just everyday life that has resulted from all of those blasted "improvements" that they're always making over there. Anyway, I'm up bright and early with the anticipation of a very full day.  Yesterday, I finished Uncle Tom's Classroom, paid a bill, got some money out of the bank, and just had fun getting out.  5:35 a.m.

Had a great April Fool's Day.  After puttering around here for awhile, I went out to breakfast at Nick's out on State Road 32 (a.k.a. Nichol Avenue) I have all of the particulars on the place now.  At one time, it was open 24/7.  It's hours are now from six in the morning until ten at night, and breakfast is served from six until noon.  Pizza and donuts are served anytime--even at six in the morning, so you can have pizza for breakfast if you wish.  The last time that I was there, I had a pancake, a side each of bacon and sausage patties, and some orange juice.  I went out to have the same thing again, only, this time, adding some hash browns to the mix.  However, they didn't have the pancake mix, so I ordered the other items.  Turns out that they had played an unintentional April Fool's Day joke, as they had the pancake mix after all, so I got everything--and I was even given three pancakes instead of two, so you can imagine that I wasn't all that hungry for the rest of the day, though I was still able to put away a yummy sundae at The Hot Spot a few hours later with Pinky.  My final chow down was out at TJ's where I had a Chicago dog, chips & dip (both homemade), and lemonade.  Got the 10% off rainy day special, as this was one of the times when an April shower visited an otherwise sunny day!  Oops!  Almost forgot!  Had Zinszer's new cookie of the month (Oatmeal Scotchie),which didn't disappoint in the least!  My mom was with me during this part of the day (late afternoon) and we had a goodie bag made up for our special and helpful friend, Charlie.  Then, I dropped her off at home after taking her to pick up some groceries.  You might say that, as a whole, April Fool's Day turned out to be April Food Day--though I also did other things such as stopping by St. John's Medical Supplies to pick up items needed for wrapping my legs.  Will tell you about that as soon as I eat a little something and take my morning meds.  Saturday, April 2 at 11:13 a.m.

I think I'll go ahead and post this and continue sharing my thoughts in the next blog-entry that I'm going to start right away and finish sometime tomorrow...9:49 p.m.