Sunday, April 17, 2011

Popularity Contest For April!
Vote With Your Credits!

Things are really heating up over at tagvillage, and I'd love for you to join as referred by me.  It's absolutely free for the joining just like Facebook and various other social sites.

However, you can also (for a little as five dollars that you can pay through a favorite credit card, AlertPay, or PayPal) get in on tag trading, and I have some really neat ones that I've put into a kind of popularity contest (names of ten fantastic writers--including yours truly).

I mentioned this in the last blog-entry here at AJville, but I just decided a little earlier this morning to turn this into a popularity contest that rates us by the month.  Think I'll do this at least through the summer and will give a prize of some sort to each month's winner (I'll pick it out so that each winner will be--hopefully--pleasantly-surprised!).

Before we get to that, however, here's the link to go check it out (Go check it out!) with no obligation to join.

However, if you do join when using the aforementioned link, I'll be your upline and will keep you up with various things going on.

Don't worry!  There will be no pressure put on you to do anything else beyond just being one of The Village People. You can do as much or as little (even nothing) tag trading as you want to.

Somehow, I believe that at least some people reading this will also want to trade some tags at least once in awhile--or just buy a tag and try to keep it for yourself so that you can get paid whenever somebody clicks on an ad containing your tag(s) once we get set up here for having ads.

There are already contests going on where people are winning as much as $200 (could be more, but that's the one I've noticed) with half going to the winner and the other half going to whatever good cause (legitimate) the winner chooses.

Speaking of good causes, that's something else very special about tagvillage.  Ten percent of all profits made by this social site goes to various ones of the growing list of good causes listed at tagvillage!!!

tagvillage has a mission to help both good causes and members!!!

We're building this village very carefully from the ground up!  I wasn't here at the very beginning, but I arrived (thanks to my own upline, Leon Gillis) pretty early in the process (December 21, 2010 at 12:10 p.m., to be exact), and I've seen a whole lot of positive growth since then!

Anyway--without further ado--here are the contest details (which I've also posted at Village Talk under the Tags For Sale category.

Even if you don't join tagvillage (and I wish you would), you can still click on each hyperlinked name to find out more about the ten writers.  Hope you'll become fans of theirs and noise them around...

Have fun!!!

Popularity Contest For April! Vote With Your Credits!

 We ten are all writers. Check us out by clicking on our hyperlinked names. This is where we stand on the morning of Sunday, April 17, 2010.

Which one of us will be the most popular by the end of the month?

Vote with your credits. You can vote more than once or only once; for more than one of us or only one. Why, you can even vote for us everyday--any, some, or all of us!!! You can vote once daily, twice daily, or several times daily!!! You can vote only occasionally!!! Just VOTE!!! Please? Pretty please!?!

I will be voting, too--sometimes, for myself; sometime for one or more others; sometimes (as I'm able to afford to) for the whole bunch of us!!!

This should be fun! A new contest will begin in May...

27666 ainsley jo phillips 0.29 0.33

160867 annamarie dodge 0.17 0.20

160856 denise difalco 0.10 0.12

160741 joseph j. o'donnell 0.10 0.12

160576 michael rushnak 0.10 0.12

160598 peter r. breggin 0.10 0.12

160631 robert whitaker 0.17 0.20

160863 roger carr 0.29 0.33

160578 roger dean kiser 0.10 0.12

11686 stuart v. goldberg 0.10 0.12

Thanks for reading this!  Be sure to scroll on down the page to check out the decor.  I change parts of it fairly often to keep things fresh...