Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Princess Of AJville Has Arrived!!!

I've just been hanging around Delaware's Craigslist thinking of ways to convince the people in the CaesarRodney, Delaware School district that Richard G. Kolczynski Belongs On The School Board!!! I've, so far, posted something in the politics section and in the general community section.  What you see below is a copy of what I wrote.  Since it's a general community section instead of a politics section, I also saw this as an opportunity to introduce some more people to what several friends and I have to offer in the way of writing, activism, music, etc. as well as putting in a good word for Richard.  I hope he wins tomorrow.  If you're from that district and/or know people who are, I hope you'll click on the above link to see how amazing Richard is.  I've really loaded this blog-entry, so I hope that you will find at least parts of it you enjoy--and, hopefully, everything!  Here's hoping that you'll also leave a bit of yourself behind in my guestbook!   

Greetings From The Princess Of AJville (a.k.a. Ainsley Jo Phillips a writer, activist, and *totally* outside-the-box-whenever-necessary golden girl from Indiana)!!!

I'm here to fill you in on a few happening people out your way!!!

My motto could very well be: "Have Blog-Format Website -- Will Travel With A Punch Here And A Poke There On My Keyboard!!!"

The name of my website is AJville, and I love to use it to write about/display a number of things.

Look around, and you will find not only a blog area but, also, various displays, links, buttons, graphics, videos, etc. Sometime during the month of May, I'm hoping to also have a link to something called AJ's Little Black Blog showing up at AJville. This will contain pages dedicated to a number of people--with some of them being from the Eastern USA like you.

A thorough visit to AJville might tell you that, perhaps, instead of my motto being:
"Have Blog-Format Website -- Will Travel With A Punch Here And A Poke There On My Keyboard!!!"
it should be
"Have Computer -- Will Travel With A Punch Here And A Poke There On My Keyboard!!!"
or even
"Have The Ability To Get On The Internet -- Will Travel With A Punch Here And A Poke There On Whatever Keyboard Is Available!!!"
since there are times when I'm away from home and can't resist getting online somewhere such as a library, hotel lobby, or even a hospital lounge.

Sooooooo.......What brings me to the Delaware Craigslist on this fine evening (May 9, 2011)?

One thing that does is my opinion that Richard G. Kolczynski Belongs On The School Board!!!

Once upon a time, he lived in Indiana, so I got to know him well enough to know that he would do the CaesarRodney, Delaware School District proud. I haven't seen him in ages but was finally able to relocate him thanks to God and the Internet (and my own tenacity as well)--though I wish I had been able to do this sooner, as I've just read that not only are there five people (of which he's one) running for one seat but, also, that voter turnout is, generally, fairly low. Please urge your friends and neighbors to get out there and vote for school board members in their various districts, because you CAN make a difference by choosing just the right ones!!!

Even if you aren't in the district to vote for Richard and know nobody who is, I hope you'll read what I wrote about him, because he's a pretty amazing person--and my story is also a kind of nostalgic trip back to the spring of 1977, which wasn't a perfect time but, still, a very good one worth remembering in the scheme of things...

I'm going to give you a sneak peek at some of the Eastern USA people who will be included in my little black blog (which will include my take on them along with the links I've shared here going to samples of what they're about):

Thanks so much for reading this far in my message. I hope you've enjoyed the special people in your area of the country. There are plenty more, but I won't wear you out now any more than I already have except for serving up a few of the growing number of links that can be found at AJville just to (hopefully) whet your appetite for more as well as including three stories I wrote for Epinions and an invitation to join me at an almost brand new and increasingly exciting site that has a whole lot of positive things going on from socializing to social concerns to games & contests to getting paid for what you like to do anyway.

After I've done all of that, I think it will be time to sign off before I become a MEGA collective annoyance (What's a collective annoyance? Search around what I've shared in this link-filled article, and see if you can find out...).

Thanks again for looking around. Don't forget to vote (and, hopefully, for Richard G. Kolczynski, if you happen to be in his district)!!!