Saturday, May 7, 2011

Something Fishy--In A Good Way, That Is...

I'd known that a friend hadn't been feeling all that great for quite some time in spite of both looking like one very healthy specimen AND living the kind of lifestyle that SHOULD have resulted in his being one.

When I talked to him yesterday, he told me that he had been having some pretty serious health issues in the past few months that went far beyond his overall feeling of not quite feeling like himself that he had been experiencing for the past six years--that is, he had gotten to the place where he felt so low on energy and achy that he found it next-to-impossible to even get out of bed and put on his shoes.

Then, he got on the Internet and found out that there were many people who had been taking what he had been taking for the past six years (Crestor) who were experiencing similar side-effects.

These people had decided to switch to a supplement called Krill Oil, and it had made all the difference in the world to them.

My friend decided that this might be his ticket, so he stopped taking Crestor and began taking Krill Oil.  He began to notice a difference almost right away.

When he recently returned to his doctor for a check-up, he told him what he had done, and his doctor had nothing bad to say about his decision, as it certainly had seemed to work for him!

As you know, if you've read what I've written in the past, I have some health challenges with my worst two being lymphedema and morbid obesity.  For someone of my size, I seem to have better-than-average health according to daily blood tests I took in the hospital where I was being treated for lymphedema-related MRSA back in late May/early June of 2009 as well as subsequent listening to my heart and lungs during home health care visits and check-ups since then.  

High blood-pressure seems to be my only other issue besides lymphedema-related problems and the components making up the "job description" of morbid obesity.  I even know from the past that my high blood-pressure is weight-related, as it's a very good normal when I'm within 20 pounds or so of my ideal weight.

I see it as a sign that I just so happened to be listening to one of my favorite country music stations a few days before talking to my friend and heard an infomercial about Krill Oil.

When I did a Google search on it, I was even more led to believe that this was the direction I needed to be taking now.

I'm taking the message of Thomas Berg's book, Uncle Tom's Classroom, to heart and following my bliss on this one!

I'm not one to advise you to go this route, though I've made up my mind to do it, but I've made a tiny url of the link to a Google search for Krill Oil where you should find everything you need and then some.  I'm going to be using it for my own study area, so I'm making it handy to me here while offering it to you as well.

I will be keeping you up with my personal results in the time ahead...

Update:  I've just ordered my first bottle, deciding to go with this company: