Wednesday, August 15, 2012

All God's Creatures Great And Small...

Just wanted to share an e-mail from a friend in order to share some of  her dreams and projects with you...

I have some great news!  Tonight when I was reading an article on Yahoo News, I discovered a Cafe Press ad promoting their t-shirts and low and behold, one of the t-shirts is one of mine from my Patches' Pet Pals Shoppe.  That means international advertising for free!  Yipppee! 
I also finally finished the promo for Patches' Pet Pals so I'm including the article I wrote so you can pass it along to others.  I'm so excited about all of this! 
Here's the article, talk to you later...
Be Part Of A Dream
Have you or someone you know ever had an animal that was ill or injured and you didn’t have the funds to pay for medical treatment?  Several years ago I had an idea to help animals in need of medical treatment.  It is so painful to love an animal and have to watch them suffer, die or give them up because you don’t have the money to pay for medical treatment.   I’ve spoken to numerous people over the years who have been through this and it breaks my heart every time. These are not irresponsible people.  They just can’t afford the vet bills.  
I came up with the idea for Patches’ Pet Pals to do something about this.  My plan is to create low cost vet clinics and vet vans around the country.  In addition I will be starting a fund called Patches’ Pet Partners to allow people to donate to supplement fees for surgeries, medicine, flea treatment, treatment for broken bones, etc., for those unable to afford it.  We will also help with pet food in cases of people who have fallen on hard times and need help temporarily.
Right now, I have an opportunity to purchase a boarding kennel that would allow me to establish the first of these clinics and vet vans.  The challenge is funding and time.  I don’t want to start off in debt by getting a loan and the kennel could sell before I have the chance to find other funding.  So, I want to ask animal lovers around the country to be part of my dream and help by donating $1 or more depending on what you are able to do to help the animals.  
Who knows, you or a friend may even need us one day to help your animal. If you are willing to be part of my dream, please go to <> to find out how to help. You can donate through PayPal through the email address on the “Contact Us” page or you can use a credit card through the PayPal donate button at the bottom of the “How To Help” page.
You can also help by going to my online store, and buying something there. 
In addition to donating, would you please share the Patches’ Pet Pals and Patches’ Pet Pals Shoppe links <> and on your Facebook and Twitter pages and any place else on the internet.  Please tell friends and family.  I need all the help I can get. Thank you in advance!

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