Sunday, August 19, 2012

Charlene Elizabeth Daugherty
A Beautiful Lady
Who Lived Her Dash Well!

"Dear God,
Please watch over my Georgie.
Guide him, guard him, and care for him. Most of all, watch over him, and keep him safe. Help him to do the best he can do. Bless him and love him always. from Georgie's Mother."

George Daugherty is, without a doubt, a celebrity!  Just looking at the information you'll come to upon clicking his hyperlinked name will tell you that!

Yet, George--now a resident of San Francisco who has traveled all over the world conducting orchestras (and has done so much more than even that)--is still, in so many ways, a hometown boy from Pendleton, Indiana USA.

He has come back here as often as he can to visit family and friends, and he stays in touch on Facebook.

He has been especially devoted to his widowed mother.  Back when she was in better health, he would often take her with him as he traveled the globe, and there were few, if any, times that he wasn't back in time to help her to decorate for Christmas--especially, hanging lights on the big tree in the yard of their State Street home where he grew up and where his mother had her private kindergarten.

In 2010, he returned to Pendleton to--with a lot of help from family and friends--throw a big, wonderful celebration in honor of his mother who turned 90 on August 29.  This took place in their back yard--which contained a wonderful birthday present for her:  the construction of walkways to enable her to be wheeled around out there so that she could continue to enjoy many more areas in her back yard!

By now, Charlene Daugherty had to have 24 hour care, but George had made sure that this could be done without her having to give up the home she had loved for so long.

Fame and fortune offers many opportunities, but it has its limits.

There isn't enough money in the entire world to pay death to take an endless holiday, and that's because our spirits are only housed for awhile in temporary bodies that will, eventually, wear out.

The good news is that our spirits will live forever!!!  The bad news is that the people we leave behind will have to go through the pain of missing us in the way that they were used to experiencing us.

I read something that George wrote as a Facebook status on August 12:

"I always get a little teary eyed when the Olympic torch is extinguished."

At that time, he had no idea that he would be receiving a phone call on August 14 that would have him on the next available flight back to Chicago followed by a four hour drive to St. John's Medical Center in Anderson where his beloved mother was now in Critical Care.

He stayed with her there until that time when he held her in his arms the night of August 15 during the final moments before her spirit left her body at or around 8:15 p.m.

Charlene Elizabeth Daugherty had fought a good fight and had run a good race.  Now, the Olympics were over, and her spirit passed her baton to those left behind so that they could carry on the positive differences she made during her Dash.

After his mother had passed, George drove to Pendleton to stay in the family home for awhile to rest and remember.  At one point, he found himself going through a drawer in her room--which is where he came across the prayer that she had written.  He had been told by one of her caretakers that she had always looked out the window each morning and had recited that prayer.  Now, he had come across a copy of it that had been included in some letters she had written several years ago to be opened during this time.  Just when he needed it the most, Charlene had reached back to him from Eternity to comfort her "Georgie" once more!  

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Upon clicking the above link, you'll find out more about her life (through her obituary that includes a beautiful picture of her, as well), plus details of George's plan to keep what she stood for and the positive differences she made alive in this realm indefinitely...