Tuesday, September 11, 2012


September 11, 2001 showed the human race both at our worst and at our best...Let us not forget...<3


At this point, I would like to share some supplemental reading in the form of two links and a story I wrote several years ago that is printed out below that will be followed by a meaningful video.

The first story (called Memories Of Mohamed) was one that I had written shortly after 9-11 in the form of a review of Gone With The Wind.

The next story is called Tea For One, and it was written by a very special young lady from England.  

I came upon it when I went to her portfolio over at Writing.com to look for a journal that she had been keeping.  

I'm not sure whether or not she's still keeping the journal but keeping it on a private setting or whether she simply gave up on writing it.  

I know that she was feeling a bit on the discouraged side re: how much good her writings were doing the last time I wrote to her several years ago.

It was around this time that I was starting to experience some health and financial problems that distracted me from being online as much as I once had been--which is why I lost track of this friend for awhile.

As many of you know, I'm now in the process of setting things up to make it easier to travel here and there in Cyberspace in spite of distractions that are still going on in my life.

One place to go is called Where To Find Me...

I hope that, after reading Tea For One, that you will check out more of the visible items in her portfolio.

On this note, let's continue while reflecting on how the decisions we make have the potential to keep history from repeating itself when it comes to acts of terror...

The Choir On The Hill
Ainsley Jo Phillips

When I volunteered at the Fountain Square Girls' Club in the spring of 1976 as part of a class requirement, I would occasionally bring my "adopted" kid brother, Mark, along with me.
My girls were all simply crazy about him--especially, when he brought out his "gee-tahr" and led them in singalongs.

The next time I would come in without him, they would ask me when I was going to bring Mark back with me.

At the end of one week, we were going to have a Mother/Daughter pitch-in dinner, and everyone was excited about it.

We formed different groups, and the group I led was in charge of drawing a mural on a huge piece of paper for the purpose of hanging it on one of the walls. This mural would represent Girls' Club.

I created an assortment of life-sized little girls to go on the mural, which would be an outdoor scene while my girls made flowers, trees, birds, etc to go in the picture.

All at once, one of them looked at one of the girls I'd drawn and got a scowl on her face!

"I'm not gonna work on a picture with Black girls in it!"

My girl pictures included an assortment of girls of many shapes, sizes, hair & eye coloring, and races.

It was then that I noticed that the group in charge of the mural was 100% Caucasean, even though that branch of the club also had a few Black girls--and I knew that clubs all over had a whole rainbow assortment of little girls.

This girl seemed to be somewhat of a leader, because she had managed to convince the other girls that this was a bad mural to take part in.

So I asked her what she had against Black girls, and found out--as I had suspected I would--that an older relative (e.g. parent, grandparent, older sibling, etc.) had told her that Black people were bad.

I asked them if they liked Mark--knowing what the answer would be: an immediate chorus of asking when he was going to be coming back to the club again.

"Do you realize that, if we all lived in Belfast, Ireland, we'd be trying to blow Mark up and he'd be trying to blow us up instead of our being friends?"

They looked amazed and couldn't imagine something like that happening.

I explained that, since we were Protestants and he was a Catholic, we would be at war with each other if we lived in that part of Ireland. . ."but, here in the United States, we all get along."

I concluded by saying that Black people weren't bad people any more than Catholics were, and that the only reason some people believed this is because someone started stories like that which weren't true.''

It wasn't long before we were all back to being busy on the mural again, and nothing else was said against Black people.

That fall, I went to Ball State University to begin taking courses towards getting my Master's in English--and, eventually, I hoped, a PhD, as well.

However, I had gotten off on very bad footing with the first instructor I'd taken a class from.

One evening, I'd gotten enough of her snippy, condescending attitude towards me and had gotten up and walked out shortly after class had begun. It was a choice of either getting out of there and getting some fresh air or else showing her and the rest of the class what I'd had to eat that day.

I walked over to the library and saw a group of good-looking male students there who were a little older than I was and decided to get their advice, explaining that I didn't want to get the instructor in trouble, as she seemed like a very good teacher, but that the two of us just had a personality clash for some reason. However, I didn't want to end up with a failing grade on my record, either.

The guys were very comforting and told me that what I was experiencing was commonplace and that nobody was going to get fired. They advised me to call my student advisor and tell him the problem. So I did--and he told me the same thing.

He asked me if I would like to drop the class--and I told him that I thought that I would go ahead and stick it out, as long as I wouldn't end up getting a failing grade. The next day, I would confront the instructor and tell her that I'd really like to stay in her class but didn't want to hang around just to end up getting an F for the course. I ended up getting a C.

Anyway, that night, I went back to the guys after talking to the advisor and told them that everything was going to be okay.

I exchanged addresses and phone numbers with one of them who had invited me to drop by and see him sometime. After I had completed the last session of the class, my dad picked me up, and we went to the apartment of that one student. He wasn't in but his roomie was, and we hit if off right away.

Soon, this guy became a regular visitor to our house, and we enjoyed sitting around drinking tea and discussing our different cultures, as he was here from another country where he had been a middle-school social-studies teacher.

He loved looking at our Christmas lights, was excited about getting to watch Gone With The Wind for the first time, and absolutely adored those old Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin movies.

One evening, we were in the family room with Mark (who was staying with my folks and me) watching TV when a beautiful commercial came on.

"I love this commercial!" Mark said, softly. And Mohamed (my new friend from Saudi Arabia) and I agreed.

One Catholic, one Protestant, and one Moslem sat watching as the choir of young people stood on a hillside singing, "I'D LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING!" while passing candlelight on and on and on and on until the entire hill glowed and twinkled like a giant Christmas tree!


Saturday, September 8, 2012

What A Wonderful World!!!

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's A Train!
It's A Plane!
Nope! It's Just My Book...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

As many of you know, I've been writing a book for what, likely, seems like forever.  I'm happy to report that I'm now working on Chapter Eight.

This is one of the longer chapters in the book (which will end up containing twelve chapters), so I'll be writing on it for awhile.

However, that won't mean that I won't be saying anything else until I finish it, because quite the opposite will be true.

First off, you might have reached this page by coming from here.  The hyperlink I've just created will open a window to it in case you want to return--or will take you there for the first time in case you haven't seen it yet.

To make a long story short, I was hoping to have my book "out there" by or before the end of October or the first part of November after I did a private gift-giving of it before exposing it to the general public.

However, that can't be at this time, as the private presentation would be costing me money that I now need to keep back for other more pressing needs.

Besides that, I'm not really enough up-to-snuff healthwise to do the presentation as I'd like to.

Perhaps, I will have to end up choosing what's more important:  getting the book out there pdq or making the presentations before doing so, but that isn't even an issue at the time.

The issue at this time is trying to survive and take care of some non-related-to-my-book challenges.

One thing I'm thinking of doing is limiting this blog-entry to about two more progress reports before re-directing to a separate blog that will be for the purpose of continuing to trace the progress of this book (even after it's out there), talk about new books I'll be writing, etc.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

At this time, I'm creating a blog that will be my journal about book writing.  Once I get it ready for viewing, I'll be writing about it here.

That will, likely, be later on today--or tomorrow at the latest.

I think you'll really like it.

Anyway, a very busy day awaits me, so I need to sign off for now...

Saturday, September 8, 2012 (Later)

When clicking this will open a window to my book-related diary, you'll know that I've moved over there.

I'm still working on the place but wanted to go ahead and open it up.

It's getting close to eleven at night, and I wanted to take some time out to eat and watch the movie, Puppy Love, on The Hallmark Channel, but I plan on returning to working on things for awhile after that...

Seeing You In September...

Once more, it's September--hard to believe, as the year has gone by so quickly!

Before getting on to the new business, I would like to go over some old business first.

For starters, I would like for you to read my tribute to Charlene Daugherty, if you haven't already.  Even if you have, go ahead and read it again by going here, making sure to click on the hyperlinks you find there in order to be taken to more information.

If you would like to be taken to profile pages of various places I hang out, you can find a growing list of them by going here.

In order to get to whatever is the most current entry made in my AJville blog, go here.

One more item in old business before going on to new business:

Some of what you might find here will be repeats of the old business I've just shared, but there are some other things contained within, so I hope you'll check it out--if nothing more than to look at the adorable octopus...

And, having said that, on to new business!!!

At this point in time (September 5, 2012), I've finally gotten around to writing the first Epinion I have in a long time.

The title of it is:

A Series Of Hurricanes

It's a kind of modern-day Psalm that has been inspired by some challenges that have been affecting my mom, myself, and various others.

Perhaps, you have also been going through your own version of what has been described in this piece of writing and/or know someone else who has.

Hopefully, this Psalm will bless and comfort you and yours...

Be sure to check back at Epinions, as I have plans to become very active there once more and am already working on more pieces of writing.

Be sure to check out my profile page there (which is on the list of profile pages mentioned earlier in this blog-entry), as I do what I can to keep it fresh, so it changes its appearance often.  

I'll be keeping up the happy apples background all through September but will be changing other parts of it at least two or three times this month, so be watching.  

Right at the moment, I have a "look" to it that suggests the transition from summer into autumn (or, at least, summer into September).

In order to be able to have cash-style ammo to get through some of the aforementioned hurricanes, I'm having to be careful re: what I spend on things like books.

However, that doesn't mean that I haven't bought any--and that, before long, I'm hoping to review those books at places such as Amazon, Writing.com, Epinions, etc.

The book I'm currently reading now is called Denied, and it's the final book in a trilogy called The Health Club Mysteries written by Dr. Michael Rushnak.

As for my own book, there will be a slight delay in when it comes out the way that things look now.

There are a lot of legitimate reasons for the delay, which I'll be explaining in this blog-entry once I have the chance to get A ROUND TUIT.

For now, I'm going to begin to explain it a little bit at a time--which means that you will be able to click on the "this blog-entry" hyperlink and find a work-in-progress (which will become a finished product once my book is "out there.").

Actually, I think that what I'll end up doing is to make the blog-entry a finished product but one that will, eventually, link to an ongoing work-in-progress (but that will be better explained by reading the September 5 report).

Anyway, I need to get on with my day, so I'm going to sign off for now...