Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seeing You In September...

Once more, it's September--hard to believe, as the year has gone by so quickly!

Before getting on to the new business, I would like to go over some old business first.

For starters, I would like for you to read my tribute to Charlene Daugherty, if you haven't already.  Even if you have, go ahead and read it again by going here, making sure to click on the hyperlinks you find there in order to be taken to more information.

If you would like to be taken to profile pages of various places I hang out, you can find a growing list of them by going here.

In order to get to whatever is the most current entry made in my AJville blog, go here.

One more item in old business before going on to new business:

Some of what you might find here will be repeats of the old business I've just shared, but there are some other things contained within, so I hope you'll check it out--if nothing more than to look at the adorable octopus...

And, having said that, on to new business!!!

At this point in time (September 5, 2012), I've finally gotten around to writing the first Epinion I have in a long time.

The title of it is:

A Series Of Hurricanes

It's a kind of modern-day Psalm that has been inspired by some challenges that have been affecting my mom, myself, and various others.

Perhaps, you have also been going through your own version of what has been described in this piece of writing and/or know someone else who has.

Hopefully, this Psalm will bless and comfort you and yours...

Be sure to check back at Epinions, as I have plans to become very active there once more and am already working on more pieces of writing.

Be sure to check out my profile page there (which is on the list of profile pages mentioned earlier in this blog-entry), as I do what I can to keep it fresh, so it changes its appearance often.  

I'll be keeping up the happy apples background all through September but will be changing other parts of it at least two or three times this month, so be watching.  

Right at the moment, I have a "look" to it that suggests the transition from summer into autumn (or, at least, summer into September).

In order to be able to have cash-style ammo to get through some of the aforementioned hurricanes, I'm having to be careful re: what I spend on things like books.

However, that doesn't mean that I haven't bought any--and that, before long, I'm hoping to review those books at places such as Amazon,, Epinions, etc.

The book I'm currently reading now is called Denied, and it's the final book in a trilogy called The Health Club Mysteries written by Dr. Michael Rushnak.

As for my own book, there will be a slight delay in when it comes out the way that things look now.

There are a lot of legitimate reasons for the delay, which I'll be explaining in this blog-entry once I have the chance to get A ROUND TUIT.

For now, I'm going to begin to explain it a little bit at a time--which means that you will be able to click on the "this blog-entry" hyperlink and find a work-in-progress (which will become a finished product once my book is "out there.").

Actually, I think that what I'll end up doing is to make the blog-entry a finished product but one that will, eventually, link to an ongoing work-in-progress (but that will be better explained by reading the September 5 report).

Anyway, I need to get on with my day, so I'm going to sign off for now...