Friday, November 9, 2012

How Do We Treat
Our Golden Treasures

This is my precious mother
Lillian Ainsley (nee: Jobe) Phillips.
She's the one who inspired me to create this page.

At this time, I'm fighting a very challenging battle:  Making sure that the wishes of my 90 year old mother will be respected. 

She isn't asking for much--just the right to continue keeping her home as her main residence and according to her terms instead of the terms of people who either don't know her history or else, in spite of knowing it, have chosen not to give her the respect that she richly deserves.  

She has nothing against going to a nursing home for the purpose of rehabilitation, but she has made it very clear that she doesn't want to trade her life on our farm on the south side of Anderson where she has lived since early 1954 for permanent residence in a small space that will never really belong to her where she will live out the rest of her life in a way that's convenient for her caretakers.

For those who are interested, this growing blog-entry will introduce you to one sweet, beautiful, and amazing lady (as well as to others who are part of her life, including *yours truly* her daughter).

In order to follow her story, just click on the growing number of hyperlinks just below this introduction...

She's Always Been There For Me--Now, It's My Turn To Be There For Her...

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To be continued...

One more thing of note: The graphic at the bottom of this page symbolizes a very special part of her growing-up years in Cunot, Indiana:  a daisy field on the family farm...