Saturday, December 8, 2012

Quick Change Artist Here!

Part One: Written to be shared a few minutes after I get it written...

I would really like to have you to read the rest of this blog-entry in order to get all of the details, but this is the short-form message:

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More details are offered below: 

Indiana weather seems to be always changing--as in even the forecast seems to change from almost one moment to the next.

So, what could possibly change more than Indiana weather?

How about Indiana AJ (yours truly) changing her profile page (with this being especially true during the Christmas season, as there are so many decorations available with which to work)!?!

Having said that, I wanted to let you know that I'm going to be making a change at around eleven tonight (my time, which is the same as Eastern time) and will be leaving it up until sometime tomorrow when I'm going to be making another change.

While, even then, I'm keeping one most important Christmas decoration up in the form of my profile picture, the changes for tonight and tomorrow will have other themes besides Christmas.

Below, find transportation to my Epinions profile page.

Please visit often in order to see all of the changes--plus a lot of new writings that I'll be adding.

Part Two:  Stay tuned for it...

Where Part Two will be going...