Thursday, March 14, 2013

Response To Article About Women Being Shot At And Shot By LAPD

These women should have...
1. A replacement truck that's not only free and clear but, also, includes auto insurance, a gas card for the next three years or 30,000 gallons of gas (which ever comes first)--and one that would be passed on to an heir if one or both women should pass on.
2.  All of their medical (and, if applicable, funeral) expenses related to this incident paid for.
3.  At least $1,000,000 in compensation pay for emotional suffering.

The people living/owning businesses within 2000 feet of where this uncalled for shooting took place shouldn't have to pay property taxes for the next two or three years, as they were put in danger, too, with all of those random bullets flying around.

Perhaps...Cops will be trained to be more responsible in their decision making.  What came down here wasn't police duty.  It was more like gang warfare being done by people hiding behind official titles and badges.

We as a society have gotten too much into a mindset of glorifying violence, and, sadly, this has trickled up into positions of authority such as LAPD.

Something has got to change!!!

Monday, March 11, 2013

This Blog Really Needs A Makeover!!!

If you find this blog missing from the line-up one of these days soon, it will be because I've pulled it in order to bring it up to date...but, then again, I might have other plans for it...